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My Dad was a contractor and was the general for a couple whole house builds during his years in business otherwise he stuck to remodeling mainly. In those couple builds though he strongly encouraged the homeowners to go to an architect to have the house drawn up professionally and get the layout nailed down. Once the boots hit the ground that main drawing wouldn’t change greatly only the small details. It helped alleviate numerous issues and problems that could delay a build using a builder off of some “plans” that they have to choose from.

Also I agree that the amount of corner cutting to proper installation of just about anything is staggering just in the name of time and getting it done. Hell I had a fight on my hands over the holidays when I went to Iowa a couple weekends to help my in-laws on some remodeling in their house. It can either be done or done right and a lot of times done right may cost more in money or it may cost more in time….but anything is possible if you are willing to spend the money and the time.

I try to inform my clients that they can pick 2 things from this list; cheap, quick, and correct. Quick and correct is the most expensive, cheap and correct takes a long time but can work if you have time, and cheap and quick is, well, just that, cheap and quick. All 3 cannot exist together, at least I haven’t seen it (except on HGTV with fake numbers, fake labor, subsidized costs, and editing…).

Also, the truth is I can draw it correctly and have everything on paper, that does not always mean it gets installed/built that way. A real, knowledgeable GC who is on-site is SO helpful, but too many builders either lack one or have a guy over-seeing 5+ different projects and cannot keep an eye on everything/everyone involved. In fact the GC themselves is rarely the problem, it is almost always the “low-bid” laborers who “didn’t bid it that way” or “always do things this way and never have a problem.” I try to schedule site visits for my projects at critical times to make sure things are done right. I also cannot see everything, but I am able to catch things before it gets too late to fix.

It isn’t just builders either, I have helped a few friends remodel their house and sadly hear things like “oh, that… yeah… that’s the next owner’s problem, not mine.” :anger: