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    Anyone ever go through the process of building a new house? We are starting discussions to build with Capstone Homes so any feedback on the builder themselves, questions or concerns to bring to the table about the process, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM if you don’t want to air any dirty laundry in public. :)

    It’s YOUR house, don’t let the builder railroad you on things. When I built my first house the builder insisted that’s where the furnace HAD to go, cost me lost space in the basement and was done to make it easier for the HVAC guys, not because it HAD to go there (luckily I ended up using the space for a shop). Also make sure things make sense…washer in the basement with no floor drain local begs to have an issue if it ever breaks and floods the basement. Stuff like that. They will try to up-sell you on stuff, do your research and stand by what YOU want.