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FYI for the future, we paid for the Centerpoint Service plus and they replaced our induction motor for free. We really got our money out of that plan as they replaced mother boards on our oven and our washing machine and had to replace the temperature/flame sensor on our furnace about 5 times. It was a good Lenox furnace but the temperature/flame sensor was terrible.

For you, or anyone else, did you ever try cleaning the flame sensor? On our old furnace, which I think might have been a Lenox, we had to pop out the flame sensor and rub it down with steel wool about once a year to clean off all the residue build-up in order to keep it working.

My first or second winter in my house, I had an intermittent furnace problem that I couldn’t figure out. Turned out to be a flame sensor. When the tech showed up, he made sure to show me how to deal with that in the future, which was greatly appreciated. Haven’t had a problem since (seven years or so now), but I think I’ll pull the sensor tonight and scrub it off, just to be sure.