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3 years ago we had the inducer motor replaced on a 4 year old Carrier furnace when it was making an awful grinding noise. (side note, the 10 year warranty changes to 5 years for the “second owner” since we bought the house after it was installed as part of our purchase agreement. So if you buy a house, install the furnace yourself and get money for it…)

Last year it was making a buzzing noise and they adjusted the bracket which the inducer motor sits on. This year same noise again… They adjust the bracket the inducer motor sits on and say it is a design flaw and Carrier (or whoever makes the part) redesigned it and it no longer has this issue. It will be $1,350 to replace the inducer motor. :shock: :shock: :shock: Isn’t that about what a new furnace would cost? Can’t be far off…

I guess the new design was not out yet when it was replaced under warranty, and what a shock, now we are in our first year outside of warranty. Since this is a design flaw, and obviously a “known problem” shouldn’t carrier kick in a bit to keep a customer?

Anyway, I can find the new inducer motor online for $395. Is this something a mechanically included person can do? Maybe with youtube help?

I have replaced timing belts in cars, do minor electrical and plumbing work for myself and friends. I feel like this is something I could tackle, but maybe I am way off base.