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Does anyone know a place where I can get large sheets of plexiglass cut? I need approx 60×36 sized and the big box hardware stores can’t cut ones that tall.

I only need a couple sheets but it’s a pain to try and cut them myself

These guys could do it

Just a standard rectangle? Check your local hardware store. I had a sheet cut to 3’x2′, and they had a huge contraption to cut it. I assume they could fit a 5′ peace on it. I went to Ace in Arden Hills. If you do it yourself, get the correct blade for cutting plexi, and then lock down your guide edge well.

Yes, but it’s 65″ tall so Lowe’s contraption couldn’t do it. I may call a couple local Ace stores and that one in Arden Hills to see if they can. Otherwise we’ll just do it ourselves