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How much money would it cost to upgrade/change out a shower?
One of the houses I was looking at yesterday has a second shower but it’s basically just a plastic shower stall (like one you’d see at a cabin or an outdoor venue – no frills, just basically a plastic box standing in the room, no wall enclosures or anything) but it is hooked up to the water line etc.?

I wouldn’t be looking for anything overly high-end, but it is something I’d like to upgrade if possible.

I mean it depends on what you’d like to do. You could keep things simply and spend a few hundred, or a few thousand. Do you need to add a wall? How much tile? Waterproofing? New fixtures or keep existing? Can you perform the work (I am willing to bet you can, even if you think you cannot…)? Or do you need to hire someone?

You can get ceramic tile as low as $1.00/sq ft and natural stone to well over $50/sq ft. You can get a cheap $15 HomeDepot shower head, or you can go to the Kohler Store and get a $1,000 rain head.

To DIY our Masterbath and redo everything cost us $20k, to DIY update and fix our leaky guest bath cost just under $3k… It all depends on what you want to do.