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Self-leveler can be finicky. A little thicker than 1/4 and it doesn’t dry quick. Water temp changes it too. You should be fine with a fan and waiting a bit longer.

When I used my Schluter stuff in mine, I struggled (in my mind) using an un-modified thin set as required because it is more brittle than the modified I use for floors, but from what I read, the modified would never cure with the Schluter because no where for moisture to go.

I learned a ton and am proud that I did it all myself, but it was such a pain in the ass, especially only working on it in the evenings.

Thin set needs to be a little thinner than typical when using Schluter’s products.

DITRA needs modified to bond to the floor, and the plywood is recommended to be slightly damp so as to not pull moisture out of the thinset to quickly before the thin-set cures. The un-modified thinset is for between 2 impervious surfaces; i.e. Ditra/Kerdi and Ceramic Tile. So modified from Ditra to floor, unmodified everywhere else.

If you used regular sheetrock, cement board, or hardie-board especially, they recommend running a damp sponge over the surface again before applying thinset to avoid it pulling moisture out of the thinset too quickly before you get a solid bond with the Kerdi.

Also peel back to check for coverage and then re-embed it. Do not wait 24 hours and then peel to check for coverage. It will take a few days to fully cure. I’ve had several friends try it and peel it back after 12-24 hours, assume it didn’t stick, and throw it out and go a different direction.

Many people use lightly modified (Kerabond) and still end up okay, it just void the “warranty” the schluter provides. I can take a square of Kerdi, cut a slit in it, fold it into a cone and pour water into it and have it hold water. The stuff is great and provided you follow instructions, I wouldn’t worry about their warranty as you shouldn’t need it.

But modified or unmodified, neither should be brittle, they should be mixed to a peanut butter or toothpaste consistency – loose enough to work with, thick enough to hold a notch… Did you have “aggregate” falling our while working with it or something? Did you mix it properly and follow the instructions including the slake time that many DIY-ers neglect?