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    My dad is a tile guy. Corners always crack. Always caulk the corners (and the edge of the tile).

    When you say caulk the corners, you mean instead of using grout, caulk them instead? I have cracked corners in my other bathroom, and trying to avoid that this time, and already was considering just caulking them.

    Also, one of the 3 batches of concrete I made didn’t set, and it has been way too long for it not to have. Not sure what happened, as I was very careful to get the ratio right and did the exact same process on all 3 batches. All were the same, but one didn’t go right. I put a fan on it for the day, hopefully that works, or I’ll have a big mess on my hands. It just needs to be solid and level so I can tile!

    Any change of plane should be caulked instead of grouted, and I would recommend 100% silicone in a wet environment, all day, every day, and twice on sundays.

    Actually it just needs to be flat, the Tile won’t care if its level or not… :biggrin2:

    I am assuming you are talking about fat mud for a shower pan when you say the concrete hasn’t set. Did you check for the batch/lot date on the bag of concrete? Sometimes buying product from a big box store I’d have bags of really old stuff get mixed in with relatively new stuff. At Menards once I had a bag of thinset that was over a year old in between 2 bags that were less than 2 months old. If it is a fairly old mix, that could effect its ability to set up properly.

    Not that this would affect its ability to set, but does it have the proper pre-slope in the pan liner underneath? Otherwise if there is excess water in there it will just sit…

    No, the concrete is a self leveling concrete that I’m using to encase my in-floor heating elements, and level out the floor before tiling. It is just about 1/4 inch thick across the whole bathroom floor, to provide a good surface to tile. I didn’t check the date on the bags, but I bought them at Menards, so that definitely could be the case.

    Thanks for the advice on the silicon in the shower, I will definitely go that route.