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My dad is a tile guy. Corners always crack. Always caulk the corners (and the edge of the tile).

When you say caulk the corners, you mean instead of using grout, caulk them instead? I have cracked corners in my other bathroom, and trying to avoid that this time, and already was considering just caulking them.

Also, one of the 3 batches of concrete I made didn’t set, and it has been way too long for it not to have. Not sure what happened, as I was very careful to get the ratio right and did the exact same process on all 3 batches. All were the same, but one didn’t go right. I put a fan on it for the day, hopefully that works, or I’ll have a big mess on my hands. It just needs to be solid and level so I can tile!

Any change of plane should be caulked instead of grouted, and I would recommend 100% silicone in a wet environment, all day, every day, and twice on sundays.

Yes, caulk only in the corners. And fightclublub30 is correct on silicone. Also make sure to tape the caulk line where tile meet sheetrock. Any silicone residue left behind won’t accept paint so you need to make sure to tape those lines.

Make sure the caulk is made for bathrooms. If you use the caulk that is intended for window and doors (weather proof) it will grow mold rather quickly.