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Finally made some more progress on the neverending bathroom project. Installed the in-floor heat, and poured the self-leveling concrete over it all, so it is ready for tile. Now I just hope my in floor heat still works after pouring, it did before…but I’ve been burned on this before in my other bathroom.

Next up: sheetrock and cement board

Check it before and after with a megohmmeter… Using poly behind the cement board or a surface applied membrane?

Good luck finding one of those. I bought the Schluter in floor heat and they only warranty it if you test it before, during and after with a megohmmeter. I called 3 electricians and no one had one.

What I liked about the Schluter system is you run 2 different lines and if one doesn’t work, you have another one already down.

I tested everything I could before. We’ll see what happens. Only one line running with this brand, but everything checked out immediately before pouring.

You should be fine. It’s a nerve-racking feeling though from when you put the wire down until you flip the switch and feel warmth!

weird… I found a megohmmeter no problem. Amazon for about $200, and almost made my money back charging people $25 to use it for a weekend almost solely for the purposes of installing in-floor heat.

I used WarmWire, but with schluter everything else (Ditra Heat Membrane, Kerdi on the walls, etc. etc.).

Schluter’s wire has come down in price and the thermostat finally doesn’t look outdated. At the time, I just could not justify double the cost for schluter vs warmwire. Having said that, I ran it slightly too far apart and now my floor “only” gets to about 84/85. While that is almost too hot for me, my wife and her cold feet would like warmer. I did got with a 240v system and it seems to heat up quickly, I also put it on a 20amp breaker, so hopefully when I go to tile my entry/kitchen/living room I can run 240v there all of the same circuit. I already ran and setup the junction box in the closet trying to think ahead.

NeatHat, as long as you use something to waterproof your shower/tub. Poly behind the cement board is just fine as long as the pan and everything is tied in properly. I cannot tell you how many people I see redo-ing bathrooms with zero waterproofing system. Cementboard, thinset, tile and grout do NOT make a waterproof system. Especially when you grout your corners and it cracks; go with 100% silicone and you will be happy.

EDIT: Amazon even has a $50 megohmmeter right now: