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    Another reason I am glad I live in ND. Mine have increased about 4% in the last 5 years and they were pretty low to start with.

    I’ve always wondered why someone living in the Red River Valley would choose to live on the Minnesota side of the border (Moorhead, EGF, etc…). Taxes are considerably more friendly in ND, are they not?

    They are in western Wisconson too. My wife and I were considering moving to western WI, for several reasons, including being closer to family, and still being able to commute to the cities, but that went out the window when my wife took a job in the far western suburbs.

    I lived in Hudson about 10 years ago. Property taxes were significantly higher in Wisconsin than in Minnesota. At least they were at that time. Minnesota’s seem to be catching up quickly though.

    Here are the differences I found when I lived there:

    Property tax: Higher in WI.
    Gas tax: Higher in WI (I commuted to MN and filled my tank here, so this didn’t affect me).
    Insurance: Higher in MN.
    Sales Tax: Higher in MN.

    The places we were looking in WI were lower than the places we were looking in MN…

    Income tax is usually higher in Minnesota too – but only at higher incomes. For most on this forum I would assume that applies [you have to have pretty low income for Minnesota to be cheaper]. And while sales taxes are higher in MN we tax fewer items – not an issue along the border where people go back and forth anyway.

    Property taxes in the City of Hudson, basically the river to exit 2, are higher. Outside of that they are lower.