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    Finally made some more progress on the neverending bathroom project. Installed the in-floor heat, and poured the self-leveling concrete over it all, so it is ready for tile. Now I just hope my in floor heat still works after pouring, it did before…but I’ve been burned on this before in my other bathroom.

    Next up: sheetrock and cement board

    Check it before and after with a megohmmeter… Using poly behind the cement board or a surface applied membrane?

    Good luck finding one of those. I bought the Schluter in floor heat and they only warranty it if you test it before, during and after with a megohmmeter. I called 3 electricians and no one had one.

    What I liked about the Schluter system is you run 2 different lines and if one doesn’t work, you have another one already down.

    I tested everything I could before. We’ll see what happens. Only one line running with this brand, but everything checked out immediately before pouring.