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    Speaking of which… my property taxes have gone up by 90% since 2003. I very much doubt my home’s value has increased that much in the same time period. I understand a few school levys have passed since then, but the amount we’re paying in property taxes on our house is insane.

    It very well might have gone up that much over that time even considering the price declines in the late 2000’s… If you live in a suburban or nicer urban area I would expect it has at least doubled since then. Over 13 years I would absolutely expect that much. Not everywhere but suburbs and nicer urban settings – absolutely. Where I live I know they have gone up nowhere near that much but I live in a smaller town outside the urban ring. Houses have still gone up about 200% over the last 30 years. My guess is maybe 50% since 2003 even with housing bust considered. So less but still more than one would expect for a blue collar neighborhood. Wages sure haven’t gone up that much around here.