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    @HockeyBum wrote:

    @HockeyBum wrote:

    Our PMI should be dropping off in the next month or two, as we’re getting really close to that 20% mark.

    We hit the magic number on our balance with the last mortgage payment, and received a confirmation letter from the bank today saying the PMI will be removed on our next payment. That will cut our mortgage payment by about a hundred dollars a month (at least for a year or two, until rising property taxes cancel out those savings).

    Speaking of which… my property taxes have gone up by 90% since 2003. I very much doubt my home’s value has increased that much in the same time period. I understand a few school levys have passed since then, but the amount we’re paying in property taxes on our house is insane.

    Property taxes in MN are terrible.

    We’ve had property taxes on some farmland increase by up to 300% in a year before. Its a huge racket.