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Anyone have a recommendation for a HVAC guy to look at my a/c system outside? What would be the approximate price just to have some guy come out? It sounds like the condenser turns on but the fan doesn’t spin. I’ve tried the “pencil trick” from a few of the handyman forums to no avail. I’m hoping we don’t have to replace everything. :ddown:

You could just have a bad fan motor. If the compressor is turning on, that means the capacitor should be fine. If the comp runs, and the fan does not, it might just be as simple as a fan motor. I have a guy who I have referred to numerous people, and they all love him. His pricing is fair, and he usually comes out in a hurry, even on the hottest days of the year. He normally works in the commercial HVAC industry, but does residential on the side. When I worked in commercial HVAC, I never heard a bad word about him. Let me know if you want his contact info.