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    D7? Cat?
    I have an old JD110 that my deceased F in L used on the farm for 10 years or so (Rocky brush farm so the only Deere he ever could afford) and I have had since 1991. Still chugs around up at the cabin. B & S engine.
    Use a LX279 Deere around here. I grind as much pulp (sticks) as I cut grass with it. Use big heavy mulching type blade and just chop the chit up. Has a 17 HP Kawi liquid cooled motor. The Deere you buy at the big box stores are Deere only in color.
    I’d think about a Cub Cadet if my Deere was even stolen. I don’t think I can break it.

    The D7 has something to do with Fallopian tubes. IIRC.

    Damn right. :lol: