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I have craftsman riding mower, snowblower, garage door opener, chainsaw, Kenmore appliances, all because they stock parts at their stores for a long time. I tend to fix things myself if they break and finding any part is half the job of fixing it. I recently broke my chain saw. Tree fell on it and wouldn’t let go so I ran away instead of waiting for it to move enough to get it out. The chain bar, chain, and tightening mechanism all broke. New chain with bar was $30, the tightening mechanism was a litle threaded key that broke, 3 for $4. You can go into any Sears parts store and they have a breakout diagram of everything. Longevity wise I can’t complain, my neighbor has a Deere and he has had to trailer it in to get it fixed and mine hasn’t needed to (yet).

I have mostly Craftsman power tools too and I agree. Although with Amazon, I can usually find the parts cheaper and get it delivered faster (not all sears have parts). But the parts diagram is super helpful. This spring I found my walk behind a little slow, so I changed out the drive belt and it runs like new. I broke the throttle handle on my snow blower last year. I had a new part in 2 days.

10 years and counting on my walk behind mower and it is still in great shape.

When I worked for the City of Ramsey parks department we had some large John Deere diesel riders that took an absolute beating and they kept going. They were easy to work on and if we needed parts, they would send me up to the dealership in Rogers. I’d be back in an hour.

Both are great to work on and easy to get parts for. John Deere requires a lot more cash on hand though. I’ll stick to craftsman at home. If I had a business, it would be John Deere all the way.