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Replacing a sprinkler head… how easy for someone who is an idiot at fixing things? I assume there are some youtube videos I can watch but curious to hear how hard it is. Also can you just pick up a random sprinkler head at a Home Depot/Lowe’s?

You need to know which head to buy. Is it a pop up that sprays 360 degrees or does it need to be adjustable? Or is it a gear drive (sprays a pattern back and forth)?

Your best bet is to dig it out of the ground, rinse it off, and bring it to the store with you. It is possible that you’ll need a riser (just a short piece of plastic pipe that makes any difference between the sprinkler line and the bottom of the sprinkler head).

Once you have the correct sprinkler head, it is as simple as screwing it onto the pipe in the ground. Read the instructions because to want to tighten the head so that the spray aligns with water pattern you are looking for, then you adjust the width of the pattern.

It sounds involved, but it’s really pretty simple once you’ve seen it done (like a brake job on a car). Check YouTube.