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    I won’t buy anything but Deere. I got the crappiest one they make, and it is better than a huge chunk of mowers out there.

    The large Deere riding mowers are still made by Deere – been in those plants too. I believe their crappier low budget ones are frequently private label. I know for a fact they don’t make the engines – been in those plants too. Kawasaki, Kohler, B&S. Some better than others. In fairness though they do have pretty good supply chain management – don’t buy ‘blindly’. So not like they buy on price and just fling them out there.

    Honda is about the only truly vertical manufacturer anymore – making most of what they sell top to bottom. But I am sure if we lifted the skirt we’d see they outsource a lot too. [EDIT: I guess Toro some too – not sure about their engines – I know the commercial mowers have lots of outsource].

    Not saying outsourcing is terrible – I sell into the biz – just not as ‘brand loyal’ as I used to be unless I know they actually control who they outsource to. Deere is mostly okay.

    Got Deere all the way from a 9420T to the smallest mower. Buy the brand because it pays to be loyal, and it isn’t crap even if out sourced. Not as much for me, but for my family, my dad says, “if someone can come in Sunday to get us combine parts, the least we can do is buy a measly $6000 lawn mower”.