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    Replacing a sprinkler head… how easy for someone who is an idiot at fixing things? I assume there are some youtube videos I can watch but curious to hear how hard it is. Also can you just pick up a random sprinkler head at a Home Depot/Lowe’s?

    It is really simple. You can pick up heads at the big box stores, but most sell certain brands. Although most probably would work or you could find a suitable replacement, I have always just replaced bad ones with what was previously in place. Mine are Toro, I think Menard’s sells mostly Rain Bird. I live in the hinterlands so it was easiest to just identify and then order via Amazon. The just screw into place, though it is good to dig out well around them so you don’t end up with dirt in your lines. I have also done some component replacement on the heads, but as a novice it was trial and error.

    That sounds simple enough for me. Just watched a youtube video as well which makes it look real simple… just need to dig out a bit and the rest looks basic.