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    I’m looking at replacing my nearly 15 year old lawnmower later this year. Biggest challenge I have with my current Toro mower is that the hint of tall or wet grass just chokes it up and it’s not mulching as well as it used to.

    Is there anything I should or shouldn’t be considering when I get out and look at them in earnest? What am I getting in the $500-$600 price point that I wouldn’t get in the $250-$300 one?

    Not to be obvious but have you changed out the blades and cleaned the bottom deck? I can understand replacing a lawn mower when engine or drive fails but not mulching is usually just a minor maintenance issue.

    Personally – I always go with a Honda that easily changes from rear discharge, discharge to bag or mulch. If grass really long I bag. If short I mulch. I between I go with regular discharge. I have had three of them over about thirty years – hold up well to a really abusive situation. Rocks, small tree stumps in the yard, etc. I don’t think Toro would do as well. YMMV.

    Yeah I have cleaned out the deck and changed out the blades. It’s also starting the have some mechanical issues as well that I didn’t mention that is starting to cause additional issues.

    Makes sense – new one or you rebuild – with mowers that’s not a big money saver unless you like doing that. I sure don’t.