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The clamp is a brilliant idea! And there is nothing more frustrating than sweating a joint with a never ending trickle of water.

In the past I have had to stuff a chunk of white bread in the pipe to stop the water. After you solder the pipe shut you have to take the filter screen of a faucet and wash the wet bread mess out of the pipe. It worked well!

Might want to bypass a water softener for this trick!

old trick true…but SOMETIMES the bread gets stuck! Been there/done that.


Yes…there is a certain amount of bread to be used, too much and this problem happens. Other thing that works well…50/50 solder if you can find it, melts faster so you hold the heat back to get the trickle to vaporize and then get back up by the fitting and solder it and then the trickle returns to cool the joint back down. I know, I know…50/50 solder is bad for you. :mrgreen: