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    Holy crap, painting sucks.

    It is the easiest and cheapest of home improvements.

    Enjoy :lol:

    If that sucks, don’t replace you water softener yourself.

    Well part of what sucks is the trim. It feels like it takes so long but you cover so little actual wall space. :chainsaw:
    I don’t mind taking the roller to the wall. That part you can actually see the progress :lol:

    And I decided as soon as people mentioned soldering that I was going to hire out the water softener install. I’d rather be sure it’s done right than try to do it myself to save some money and have it backfire.

    Good choices. BTW painting gets a lot easier with practice. I don’t mind it now but first few times ooof.

    Soldering is easy after you do it but I would not want something like a water heater my first project.

    Good choices.