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@NYC Gopher fan wrote:

The installers that best buy contracted to install my gas range and dishwasher came this am. The guys called me outside and I knew something t was wrong. Yup, my $900 Bosch dishwasher has three dents in the front door. Very visible. Guys called BB and they offered me a new one or compensation.
I asked what compensation was – a $150 BB gift card. I laughed at the lady. I’d consider that if the dents weren’t on the part that’s visible.
And now I have to be home yet another day this week so I can get the dishwasher installed. Hope the next one isn’t damaged.

You would be surprised to know that a large percentage of appliances are damaged when the boxes are opened. I have always sworn that the manufacturers laugh every time they wrapped a damaged appliance for a big box because they know they don’t have enough time to inspect them all.

Our delivery service inspects them before they are picked up from the delivery hub the day before so they can at least let you know if there is damage ahead of time and in most cases the consumer never knows, they just replace it without them knowing.