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Home Depot came out this am to measure me for a new front door. In the week that has passed since I made the appointment, I found a beautiful door on Craigslist that’s a fourth of what a new Home Depot door will cost. So I was hoping to get the measurements from them to insure door will fit before I buy and then see if Home Depot could install it.
Well, guy comes over. Won’t give me measurements- says Home Depot will have then but he’s not sure if they’ll give them to me as they want to use them for when I buy their door. I kind of think if I paid $30 for measurements I should get the numbers.
Oh, and he also warned me I need a permit for the new front door. And that when they install they check for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each bedroom.

When we had new windows put in, the inspector checked for smoke detectors in every bedroom. We had a CO detector in one bedroom which was sufficient. It’s not a huge deal but all the bedrooms in our house are very close together so every smoke detector is no more than 6 feet away from another. Plus we had one in the common hallway. Seemed like overkill.