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    If there are school considerations, think about buying on the opposite side of a block that is in the school district you want. My kids all went to the school we wanted them to go to (open enrollment), but our taxes were only 2/3rds of our neighbors behind us. That saved us tens of thousands. Seriously.

    There definitely are school considerations. The wife is a teacher so we’d probably open enroll in her district.

    Are there maps or accessible information regarding taxes for cities around here?

    Beware of assuming you’ll open enroll because your wife teaches in a district. We bought a house that would have cost us 150K more in Plymouth because my wife teaches in the Wayzata district and we knew we were going to open enroll there. 2 years after we moved in the market in our city absolutely busted and Wayzata closed it’s open enrollment, even to teachers and staff.

    Her district apparently has a lock-in policy in which you don’t apply for open enrollment after the first year–you’re just put in the regular enrollment group.