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Use mom. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to house hunting. She was instrumental in helping me find out what I liked, what I didn’t, was able to help schedule visits, and helped me look for common housing pitfalls.

This was a huge double-edged sword when we were buying our home. I’m always open to an objective second opinion, so I leaned on my parents for advise. They certainly pointed out a few things that I never thought of previously, which was definitely helpful. However, after a while, I felt that I was buying a house for their wants/needs instead of my own. Some things that were important to her just weren’t factors for me, and vice versa.

She also didn’t seem to understand that things cost money to change or upgrade. It’s easy to point out flaws when you’re not the person who has to pay to change things. No house is perfect. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things you want in order to fit your budget.