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Here is my advice.

Don’t trust home inspectors. They miss a ton of stuff. I keep finding things in my house my inspector should have found. Don’t sweat the little things like a leaking faucet. It’s the expensive things that get you.

When buying a house sign the agreement to force arbitration. Not doing this thinking we wanted the right to sue if we found anything is screwing me over. Long story. (If anyone knows a good structural engineer please pm me)

Get pre approved and shop around for loans. If your credit is good there are some interesting things out there. We were going the traineeship road with PMI last time until we were offered a deal to pay PMI upfront once and not monthly. Long story short it cost us an extra 5 dollars a month more than the payment without PMI but will be overt the full 30 year loan. The loan officer was amazed this worked out that way. Moral of the story is always ask for a better deal.