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The positive remarks about Wells Fargo could knock me over with a feather. I’ve heard of two very specific horror stories from my brother and my neighbor. When searching for another property about 5 years ago, our realtor of course inquired about referring us to his mortgage guy. After telling him I had my own relationships, he said almost verbatim “Just stay away from Wells Fargo”.

On the financial advice side, all I can say is buy a house that you truly TRULY think you can live in for 15 years or longer. That really means you need to consider all family situations before purchasing. You could look up and down every street in the country and note that those people that move often AND purchase rarely have a pot to piss in. There is definitely a correlation. Same goes for refinancing. In nearly every situation, refinancing is a horrible idea.

When we bought our home, I stretched big to get to the location and size home I wanted. 20 years later we are still here and it’s 100% paid for (as is the cabin). There’s not many 46 year olds that can make that claim, and my life has much less stress because of it. We have bought some real estate investments along the way, but home never moved. Back when we were scraping along, the mortgage just felt smaller and smaller each passing year.

Lastly, there are lots of study’s on McMansions going the way of the dodo bird. As cool as they seem to be, don’t do it. At a point, the bigger the house, the bigger the stress. The older you get, reducing stress matters.