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There’s a law now requiring the good faith estimates be pretty close to what you pay at closing. A lot of the costs are by county, what they require you to escrow up front, and the overall price of the house. The Pro Forma mentioned above is a good option to understand those costs.

Whatever you do also always pay for an inspection when you buy. We lost out on a house in part because we were contingent on an inspection but it’s worth the $350-$400 to know what you may be having to fix. The house we bought ended up having issues with window seals and we required the owner to make all the repairs if he wanted to close.

I don’t know what rates are like right now because I’ve heard they’ve gone up, but we just refinanced into a 15 year and got 2.875% from a local credit union. I still feel like we’re going to get arrested any day for Larceny.