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    Idontknow wrote:

    Jupiter wrote:

    oh… my TV is a 65 4K LG from 2017.

    Hmmm…. Is this a common problem with those type of tvs? I guess we have 4 TVs from around that same year and haven’t seen issues yet. One LG, one Samsung, and 2 TCLs.

    They can be. In the case of the one I got from my brother, I took the Samsung model number and searched for service and repair problems. I got quite a few hits on several forum sites pertaining to that particular model and picture problem. I then went to YouTube and found the repair tutorial for that exact same model.

    They aren’t made to last forever. If it’s a similar LED issue and still in warranty, you should be able to get it repaired. If out of warranty, it’s probably too expensive to repair, but worth trying to repair yourself if you are so inclined.