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Idontknow wrote:

Jupiter wrote:

oh… my TV is a 65 4K LG from 2017.

Hmmm…. Is this a common problem with those type of tvs? I guess we have 4 TVs from around that same year and haven’t seen issues yet. One LG, one Samsung, and 2 TCLs.

I think it has becoming more common. TV’s get cheaper as they use cheaper parts. LED backlights are one of those areas that companies like LG & Samsung have had issues with. It has me thinking about moving up to OLED in the future. But my current fix should last at least a few years, then I will pony up for OLED.

I have a 40″ Samsung from 2009 that has had issues with white for about 5 years. Bright whites show slightly pink. So watching hockey is not great. But I switch it to movie mode and it seems to look much better. I am temped to get new backlights for it just as a hobby project after already doing it once for a much bigger TV.