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    gopherguy06 wrote:

    We have a two year old LED 4K TV and seems to have part of the screen turning darker or a gray tone vs. the rest of the TV. Reading online it may be a bad LED bulb but not sure. Anyone have experience with this or know what it may be? Anything to do to fix it or know a repair person to call to support?

    I would hate to dump the TV given how new it is but the repair may not be worth it.

    Those TV’s really aren’t made to be repaired. If you took it to a shop to be repaired, they might say they could do it, but for what they would charge you could practically buy a new TV.

    My brother had a similar problem last summer with a Samsung 55″ model. A grey strip about six inches wide developed on the right edge of the screen from top to bottom. He quit using it right away and got a new TV. He called me and asked if I wanted the TV. I told him only if I could fix it. I did a little research online and discovered the problem was common to this model of Samsung. It was less than a year old. I found a video on line of the exact same model with the exact same problem.


    As Jup said, it was a malfunction of the LED’s. On mine there were LED strips that ran along the bottom edge and projected up. About four of them had overheated. The grey strip is where the bulbs started to melt the diffuser panel. Depending upon how long you’ve watched the TV after the problem first came up will probably determine whether the TV is repairable. If you quit using it right away, you should be OK. The LED strips are pretty easy to find and not very expensive. I paid $27.00 for mine plus shipping. The diffuser panel is not easy to replace. It’s part of an internal unit that is made up of about seven layers of varying thicknesses. It’s not shown anywhere as a replaceable part that I could find.

    If you are a DIY’er, you might be able to save some money and fix it yourself. It took me a little over an hour to fix mine. Good as new. :dup: It just takes a little patience, the right tools and a good-sized work surface or dining room table to lay it all out. It was actually pretty easy to do.

    PM me if you have any questions