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fightclub30 wrote:

TECH Help?

I have a USB Endoscope (a little camera on a semi-rigid cable) that I used to use for car repair, fishing things out of vents that my kids dropped in there, etc. I used to plug it into my phone, the phone recognized it, launched an app, and good to go. I haven’t used it in a few years, and now it doesn’t work…

I plug it into the phone and nothing happens. the app I used to use (CameraFi) is long gone, and none of the apps I tried seem to do anything. My phone (android moto) will not recognize the device. I do not have a functioning older phone because I keep my phone until it doesn’t work.

Is there a different adapter I can purchase? Something I need to do differently? Do I just have an $80 cable that does nothing now and I need to buy a new one?

Do you get a better result if you plug into a computer? That would be a good test to see if it’s the phone not recognizing it (or not having the right software, etc) or if the thing has just gone bad.

Feel free to PM me here so we don’t fill up the thread.