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As related to this thread: It’s sad to see a mom and pop shop go. I tend to avoid the big box beer stores as I’ve developed good relationships with a few local places. I’m sure some of the other beer guys on here can attest to that as well.

Same. Midway Liquor Store is my go to (University Ave, across Prior from Menard’s) great family and fair prices.

I have 3, sometimes 4, liquor stores I frequent. That way none of the employees ever feel like I have a problem!

I think they have a good idea when youride your bike to the liquor store.

True story: I worked at Tonka Bottle Shop in college and we had a regular that came in for a 12 of Natty Light and 750 of Karkov 4 or 5 times a week without fail. At one point he got a DUI was and resigned to riding his bike to the store which for him wasn’t too bad because he lived very near by.

We once busted him stealing from us and banned him from the store. At that particular time the only other liquor stores near Mtka Blvd & 101 were? MGM near 7-Hi didn’t exist yet nor anything else close. Glen Lake or Wayzata?

He eventually got a DUI or something on his bike and had that confiscated. About that time I stopped working there and never heard additionally what happened to him after that. Post college I worked part time at Wayzata W&S and we had a similar extreme shopper but he managed to avoid similar troubles at least while I was there.