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fightclub30 wrote:

gopherfun83 wrote:

T-mobile hacked

Hackers claim to have obtained the data of 100 million people—including sensitive personal information.

So I have had numerous companies I do business with get hacked the last few years. Home Depot, Target, Capital One, now TMobile.

One of the ways I see listed to help prevent any fallout from these incidents is to use “App-Based Authentication” for passwords and such on websites. I don’t see how to do this… Can I do this with any website? USBank, for example, used to have 2-factor authentication via a text code to the phone (no other option) but that disappear and I asked why. They said too many people complained about it. So great, security is being determined by the lowest common denominator for everyone, not by creating a way to bypass it for those who don’t want it.

But now I hear the text codes are bad, because people can just duplicate your SIM card through the TMobile data breach.

Can someone send me a link to something that shows how to set up app based authentication for websites that don’t have it? I would love to have some form of 2-factor authentication for all my credit cards and banking, but none of them offer anything like that other than some dopey security questions at best.

It’s amazing how banks seem to have less stringent security like this. Wells doesn’t even allow certain special characters in passwords which is stupid.

I don’t know how to answer your question other than to setup really long and random passwords for those important sites. It isn’t two factor but it’s abit of a deterrent. If the text based two factor needs to be trashed then there aren’t a lot of common options out there that I’m aware of