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Cowgirl wrote:

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Cowgirl wrote:

Why did dinkytown liquors close?

More development. Everything needs to be new and shiny for the youngsters now. :anger:


A developer bought the land under the liquor store, McDonald’s and multiple other businesses, setting off multiple closures in preparation for construction. McDonald’s is expected to reopen within a year or two in the same location as part of the new development, but Dinkytown Wine & Spirits is closing down for good.

I was going to say, do they need another high rise apartment building? 😬

They are going up so fast it’s crazy. My former local fish store in Excelsior went out of business for a new apartment development (next to Hazellwood). And now much new local fish store in Hopkins is getting kicked out at the end of September so they can raze the block for more luxury apartments across from the Blake school. Not sure where to go for Saltwater fish supplies in the west metro anymore (weird little hobby, I know).