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JC65 wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Don’t buy Lenovo computers.

My 4 month old computer’s hard drive fried out on Fri night. That’s ridiculous. Being sent in on warranty, and me being me, :censored: waiting a couple weeks to have internet/etc. Bought an HP this afternoon. So far, this is rocking the hell out of the Lenovo (have had a good history w/HP).

SSD or HDD? and what brand?

HP Envy, according to the box. Bang & Olufsen audio, 15+ inch screen, seems like a higher end processer, trivial bonus of a number pad on the keyboard (I do like that, though). The stickers on the unit say Intel Core i7 and Intel iRISx graphics. This lil’ :censored: flies, I’ll tell ya that. No internal CD/DVD drive, but I already had an external one to begin with.