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Zwak wrote:

Slap Shot wrote:

Since I believe the dumb questions thread is still locked…

For my son enrolling at UM this year I do not think we will have time (nor necessarily an urgent need) to get him a driver’s license during the time I will be in MN. However I’d rather he have a valid ID besides his passport. Recommendations on the best ID in that regard whether it’s state ID or one of those new traveler IDs or whatever they’re called?

He has a passport and we will have his birth certificate as far as supporting documents. Ease of acquisition is preferred but not necessarily the last determining factor for us. I will be there to assist between August 22nd and Sep 7th.



p.s. where did you end up going for your restaurant outing?

Nowhere yet – we don’t arrive until August 22nd. I think we are going to go with Maynard’s however. And thanks for the link.