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Kelly RedKelly Red

    I’m not sure where to post this but I need computer help! I’ve downloaded some photos off a usb to my Mac desktop. I’m applying for visas for overseas travel so these are passport bio pics. Yesterday I applied for visas to one country and was able to find the “file” on my desktop and attach to application.

    Today I’m doing visas for another country. The same photos on my desktop are now grayed out and I can’t click on them. They open ON the desktop itself but not the “file” window. I can see that there are other files also grayed out, it seems random.

    I’ve tried to Google info but it is very unhelpful, others have the same problem but there doesn’t seem to be clear advise. Why was there no problem yesterday and today there’s an issue? I’m using legit embassy sites so I don’t think it’s malware, especially since others note the same problem.

    I need to complete these applications and I’m already stressed out. Any useful advice would be very appreciated. You can PM me if you’d prefer. Thank you.

    Another person has helped me figure it out. It’s done. I need a cocktail to calm down…that’s not usually a good sign.