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I have a kid who likes to stay active and burns a lot of calories. He is in multiple sports camps each day during the summer.

He isn’t a big eater and often prefers veggie sandwiches. Consequently he is very lean and doesn’t build muscle very well. Any recommendations on shakes or supplements to help him get carbs and protein? I am not trying to bulk him up like Mr. Olympia, so I am not looking for the Gold’s Gym specialty.

He is not quite 13.

@Keith may be able to provide some good insight if he still checks this board.

I’ve had good success building muscle with MusclePharm protein shakes in the past. I usually get the chocolate flavor and mix it with milk. It is delicious.

The best way to build muscle is resistance training along with a calorie surplus + adequate protein intake. Since he’s only 13, I’m not sure if he’s lifting weights yet. The calorie surplus isn’t quite as important as if he was a seasoned gym rat, but getting in adequate calories would be helpful. And aim for 1g protein per pound of bodyweight. Again, this isn’t for gen pop necessarily, but for someone looking to build muscle. If you’re not concerned about him becoming overweight, which it sounds like you’re not, then there’s nothing wrong with whipping up some protein smoothies, even using ice cream if need be. I’d suggest a vanilla casein protein powder (casein digests slower than whey so would be preferable if being used as a meal replacement of sorts) mixed in with milk, ice cream, yogurt, fruit, whatever your kid likes… that’s where I’d start. Note: I am not a nutritionist nor qualified to prescribe meal plans… just have to say that. :wink:

Pro tip: don’t buy anything from GNC, it’s way overpriced. Amazon is likely your best bet. Dymatize and Optimum Nutrition both make quality casein powders that I’ve used for years.