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Kelly Red wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

I have a kid who likes to stay active and burns a lot of calories. He is in multiple sports camps each day during the summer.

He isn’t a big eater and often prefers veggie sandwiches. Consequently he is very lean and doesn’t build muscle very well. Any recommendations on shakes or supplements to help him get carbs and protein? I am not trying to bulk him up like Mr. Olympia, so I am not looking for the Gold’s Gym specialty.

He is not quite 13.

Ensure provides a lot of protein in a easy bottle, comes in a variety of flavors. If he’s at camps all day pack a couple of frozen ones he can drink in between (highly recommend they be consumed COLD).

I’ll try it. And the whey from time to time.

I had my tonsils removed when I was mid 30s (I don’t wish that on anybody). So much pain.

Once I moved past the clear liquids stage I tried ensure. I hated it. But to be honest I hated everything at that time. Beef broth was good day 1 but I wanted to vomit thinking about from Day2 on.