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    gopherguy06 wrote:

    Does anyone have a Yeti cooler? Or one of the “knockoff” brands?

    We are looking to get one and just want one that works well for the weekend camping or at the cabin without having to continuously add more ice.

    Rtic will give you comparable ice retention at a better price (as will many other brands). If yeti is built to last a lifetime, rtic is built for a couple decades (good but not quite as good). There are lots of videos on YouTube with people comparing and yeti rarely wins the ice retention tests over other brands that are the same price, but is a strong performer.

    One thing to keep in mind, if you’re getting anything over 20-30 quarts, it will be HEAVY when loaded up. If you want one with wheels, your options are more limited (Yeti, pelican, rovr, Kong, maybe a few others).