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Kelly Red wrote:

HockeyBum wrote:

Does anyone own a newer Jeep Wrangler? My wife really wants to get one, but I’m less enthusiastic about the idea. I admit that they look cool and fun, but I just picture an uncomfortably rough ride, clunky steering, costly to maintain, etc… I’ve never driven one, so I could be completely wrong?

Just for context, this would be our secondary vehicle, which we use mostly to run errands around town. We would rarely drive it more than 30 miles from home. It would be replacing our Nissan Rogue.

Any insight would be appreciated.

My brother has a 2017, not sure how much they’ve changed since. It is fun but he’s complained about a few issues that would bug the :censored: out of me.

1) It’s a loud ride! Not very well insulated, so every road noise is heard.

2) It’s a cold ride in the winter! Same reason.

3) The whole thing sort of rattles.

4) He’s had maintenance issues, his local place takes forever to get parts. He had some sort of recall and waited almost a year to get it fixed.

He’s looking to get rid of it and just go with a sportier SUV.

My wife was also interested in one also. I will add that our car seat would not fit in the back of 3 different ones we tired and gave up…

The rear seats are more like jump seats, and are very 90* with little adjustment. So the strap on the car seat was barely long enough, but the front edge of the car seat overhung the actual seat by too much for us to be comfortable with it. (Infant, rear facing carrier at the time). Just something to consider. If you factor into car seats, bring one along to make sure it fits. She took 2 different ones for test drives and also commented how uncomfortable the ride was in both of them.

On another, related note, we went and looked at a Ford Bronco recently… I think there is less rear leg room than in my VW Golf GTI with not that much more cargo space either…