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The fiberglass windows are very sturdy (better than vinyl) and don’t rot. They’re an excellent option. Only down side is they were comparable in price to wood.

We may end up looking at that way. We may go with white exterior and the wood grain interior too. I actually really like the white on the exterior (and I’m ok redoing the trim to match it)but at least we know the ballpark of what we are looking at from a cost perspective. The white/white vinyl we got quoted yesterday was a little north of $50k before the “if you get it now we can drop it another nearby $10k.

Google “window replacement scams” if you haven’t already. Dropping the price that much is a classic.

Windows are a HUGE investment as I’m sure you’re aware, don’t fall for this crap. We talked to at least 6 places when we did ours and hit the trifecta of scammy sellers. But we finally found what we wanted, yes they were expensive, we ended up doing one story at a time to help with the expense and spread it over 3 years. 100+ year house with a :censored: ton of windows, every fricking one a different size! Our house isn’t your house but spend as much time as you need finding what you want. IGNORE the sales pressure.

We went with Anderson Renovation windows. Ours are wood only because we were trying to stay true to the house and we wanted to preserve the interior woodwork. They are now 17 years old and except for one double pane fail, which they fixed, still look and work great.

Yeah – the way I looked at it is that I could use it to further negotiate something if we want to buy. I only had a general idea of what they’d cost so seeing some real numbers and how the process works is really good.