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Kelly Red wrote:

frozen4champs wrote:

We booked a rental car for our upcoming trip through Expedia. We have used them many times before when booking flights, hotels and cars with zero issues. Now the car rental company that we will get our car from charged us as well. So we have been double charged. We called the rental car company and they said we need to talk to Expedia. We called Expedia and they said we need to call the rental car company. We have spent way too much time on the phone with this so far (hours on hold). I guess an option is to dispute one of the charges with my CC company. Has anyone ever experienced this situation with Expedia or priceline etc and any tips to get things moving along faster? Thanks.

I’ve had this happen with a hotel room.

First ? Are you positive you’ve been double charged? Do you have a CC statement showing 2 charges? I ask because you may have booked and appeared to pay Expedia, but the invoice actually comes from the rental car. If you are sure it’s a double charge, go back to Expedia, the ORIGINAL booking site. Ask them why you’re being double charged as they are the ones who had to pass on the customer information.

Do you read Elliott Advocacy? They have an entire section on car rental companies. I don’t know who you’ve rented from but several of them are in bankruptcy.

They are pulling every trick in the book to bring in money, hoping most people will give up.

One word of warning, don’t fill a claim with your CC until you’ve exhausted ALL other choices. If the CC decides against you, you have no one to help after that. CC disputes should only be used as a very last resort and you need to know you will probably lose.

And my biggest tip, never use a secondary booking agent. Always book direct. Yes, you can often find slightly cheaper rooms or flights, and it works “most” times. But when it doesn’t you end up in exactly your situation. Everyone passes the buck back and forth and you end up wasting time and money. If I have a flight problem I want a Delta agent dealing with it, not Expedia or Booking.com.

Thanks for the info and advice. I check my credit card/bank accounts almost daily. ( drives wife crazy during Christmas when she is trying to buy me gifts) After the Expedia charge hit my account, the car company then had a pending, and now actual charge for the same amount. Like I said, we have had zero problems before, but as they say, it just takes one. Once this mess is straightened out, rest assured we will not use those sights again.