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I’ve spoken to two companies now about windows (Sela and Builders&Remodelers). Sela came two weeks ago and I still don’t have a quote from them. I finally emailed them and was told I’ll have it in a couple days. It’s weird given that they talked to us for 5 minutes and then left about 20 minutes of measurements they took without us

Builders and Remodelers have us a very in depth walk through of what they sell and different things we should know when looking. It was geared to “this is why our product is better” but you need to expect that. It was longer than I wanted it to be but mostly informative and I have a much better idea of what I should be asking others.

What I didn’t really like was that we got a quote from them and then a semi hard sell about buying today. I was pretty clear when I called them we are looking and thinking about buying but wouldn’t make decisions on. It’s also pretty amazing they would drop the price 20% right on the spot and then have the audacity to tel us that price may not be available even in a few weeks. It’s stuff like that which makes me really hate dealing with contractors even though I think the quote isn’t terrible