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Bertogliat wrote:

D2D wrote:

I have a slightly different problem: the water softener (Kenmore Elite) is running continuously, or at least is sounding like it is running continuously. No leaks, no water in the tank, and salt level appears to be holding steady. Might need a new one, or maybe just repairs. I’m going to run its regeneration mode overnight and see if it might reset itself. If it still is running tomorrow morning then I’ll probably look for a new one.

You can replace the resin in the cylinder, or have it replaced for you. I have never done this myself but I watched a video on how to do it about 10 years ago. Doesn’t appear too difficult if you’re a handy person.

The problem is that if it’s working too hard it will eventually wearing out the primary control board in it. This is exactly what happened to our last one and I didn’t realize the problem until I found the water shooting over the drain and into a low spot in my utility room. The resin is only a short term fix too based on what I heard given where D2D and I live

Plymouth water is a nightmare for water softeners and you’re lucky if you get 7 years out of a softener here. We are on our 3rd one and this last one is more industrial strength version. The guy who replaced it said 60% of his business is in Plymouth and Maple Grove because of how hard the water is