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fightclub30 wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Are Zagg screens worth the money for your newer mobile devices. I just bought an iPhone 12 Pro and am wondering if they’re worth the cost now that they seem to be $50

Now that I have small kids, we switched to “disposable” phones. $200ish Motorolas. No need for $40+/month insurance, no need for screen protectors or cases. In 4 years, we’ve only had one phone get damaged even. They last just as long, if not longer, and I have never missed out on the features of the newest, fastest, most whatever-est phone.

When we started paying for daycare we immediately had to look at places to cut costs. $80/month insurance on two $800+ phones was a big one. In fact, now looking back, the phone insurance made no sense. I never used it, and essentially paid for my phone twice (and then some) over 2 years. It’s even a worse proposition that one of those Extended Vehicle Warranties.

My wife does like the scratch protection from the $8 for a 3-pack screens she buys off amazon for when she throws her phone in her purse.

EDIT: Plus you need to save for some windows… :poke:

It’s the scratch protection that I’m more interested in the screen protector for.