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fightclub30 wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

We replaced windows a while back on my old house going through Sela. It’s probably been 8 years.

I HATE vinyl (which I unfortunately have now) so we chose wood windows in the main living areas and fiberglass for the bathroom and bedrooms. Pela make a very nice fiberglass window. They were solid and more expensive than the wood, which I was not expecting. We had problems with frost on windows in that house and the fiberglass was a perfect choice. I would 100% do fiberglass again.

Our L shaped rambler cost about $26k to replace all the windows (8 years ago). That included a sliding glass door with blinds in the glass and two large (11 ft and 8 ft wide). We did not go cheap.

Hopefully Pela changed the design of their sliding doors because they had the screen on the inside which sucked. Having to open the screen to shut the door let ALL the bugs in.

My parents are in the process of replacing windows now. They bought triple pane. And standard sized windows were about $2k per window and they took a looong time to get delivered. I think COVID is impacting price and delivery times.

As of earlier this year, Pella has NOT changed that design. Makes it a no-deal for our clients typically.

Lead times on windows is a factor for residential and commercial. Glass itself seems to be more of the problem. Concrete and Steel have once again become problems. Reminds me of a few years ago when US Bank Stadium and, I want to say, Wells Fargo Tower were being built downtown and Glass, Concrete, and Steel prices all skyrocketed locally and lead times were crazy.

At least it is a sign there is some demand and people are spending money/building. If lead times weren’t a problem that would mean there is no demand…

If I were to buy windows now I would absolutely go with Pella again but I would choose a different manufacturer for the door. The door itself was very high quality but the screen on the inside is one of the dumbest design features I’ve ever seen. The engineers who come up with the idea must spend half their day trying to lick their own ears….. Iowegians.